Whats is the Password ?

GsmUnlockSpot Mar 25, 2019 4
  1. GsmUnlockSpot

    GsmUnlockSpot New Member

    i have downloaded the kingtool.zip

    im extracting the zip file, its is asking for password

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  2. seyyed mahdi

    seyyed mahdi New Member

  3. GsmUnlockSpot

    GsmUnlockSpot New Member

    Whats wrong ...

    No one in the world can use King Tools ,, coz u have locked ur zip setup , & not shown password anywhere

    also,, i have asked 24 hours ago,,

    No password , SO we should go with another alternatives .
  4. kazador07

    kazador07 New Member


    WAQAS-GONDAL Moderator

    EXTRACT PASS IS ( 123456 )