Unlock Unlock N950U5 TMO Successful By KingTools 1.3

Unlock Unlock N950U5 TMO Successful By KingTools 1.3

mahamza Dec 7, 2018 3
  1. mahamza

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    I will guide you how to unlock samsung Note 8 USA with the latest security patch BIT 5
    1. Insatll combination
    2. Open KingTools > Unlock New
    3. Done
    4. unlockn950u.jpg

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  3. joel garcia

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    joel garcia
    help please

    Loading ADB module......OK
    Reading ADB device information......OK
    Model Name: SM-G960U
    Hardware: QCOM
    CSC version: G960UOYN3BRK3
    Android version: 8.0.0
    Sales code: SPR
    Phone Carrier: SPR
    Serial Number: R58K412EGQM
    Debug Level: 0X4F4C
    CP Debug Level: 0X55FF
    Kernel Status : ENFORCING
    Warranty VOID: 0
    Sim State: CARD_IO_ERROR
    USB Settings: DIAG,ACM,ADB


    Checking Device Authorization...OK
    Need Credits for Operation : 2
    Searching USB Serial Port interface...OK
    Setting DEBUG level to HIGH......OK
    Waiting for Device...OK
    Preparing RIL module....OK
    Starting RIL applet...OK
    Reading MODEM security info...OK
    Checking MSL Address: R58K401602
    Reading IMEI: 35641709236037
    Checking IMEI Sign Status:...OK
    Waiting for Device...OK
    Checking Sim Status...FAIL
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