Unlock unlock j326az done

albaany Jan 22, 2019 2
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    Loading ADB module......OK
    Reading ADB device information......OK
    Model Name: SAMSUNG-SM-J327A
    Device CodeName: J3POPELTEUC
    Hardware: SAMSUNGEXYNOS7570
    BL version: FA70_J327AUCU2ARC1
    AP version: FA70_J327AUCU2ARC1
    CP version: J327AUCU2ARA1
    Android version: 7.0
    Build date: TUE MAR 20 15:31:08 KST 2018
    Serial Number: R28K11DQQ6P
    Debug Level: 0X494D
    Warranty VOID: 0
    USB Settings: ACM,DM,ADB

    ----------------------------- KING TOOLS - 1.7 Pro ---------------------------

    Loading Samsung Unlock Tools.....OK
    Starting Unlock Samsung.....OK
    Samsung Unlock Success!

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  3. Eugene A. Agpalo

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    Eugene A. Agpalo

    Did you flash combi 1st?
    or direct unlock using kingtool credits?