Unlock Unlock Galaxy S9+ G965U T-Mobile Android 9 Done by KingTools

Unlock Unlock Galaxy S9+ G965U T-Mobile Android 9 Done by KingTools

WAQAS-GONDAL Mar 16, 2019 8

    WAQAS-GONDAL Moderator

    Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9 (T-Mobile MetroPCS) superfast cheapest price only 2$

    Loading ADB module......OK
    Reading ADB device information......OK
    Model Name: SM-G965U
    Device CodeName: STAR2QLTESQ
    Hardware: QCOM
    BL version: G965USQS3ARIB
    AP version: G965USQS3ARIB
    CP version: G965USQS3ARIB
    CSC version: G965UOYN3ARIB
    Android version: 9
    Build date: THU SEP 27 16:58:09 KST 2018
    Country: USA
    Sales code: TMB
    Phone Carrier: TMB
    Serial Number: R28K22GXTYM
    Debug Level: 0X4F4C
    CP Debug Level: 0X55FF
    Kernel Status : ENFORCING
    Warranty VOID: 0
    USB Settings: MTP,ADB
    __________________KING TOOLS - 2.6.6 Pro__________________
    Checking Device Authorization...OK
    Setting DEBUG level to HIGH......OK
    Waiting for Device...OK
    Setting CP DEBUG mode......OK
    Waiting for Device...OK
    Preparing RIL module....OK
    Starting RIL applet...OK
    Reading MODEM security info...OK
    Checking MSL Address: R28K22GXTY
    Reading IMEI: 35332209052138
    Checking IMEI Sign Status:...OK
    Loading RIL applet.....OK
    Start RIL applet.....OK
    Start BOOT to Upload Mode.....OK
    Search SAMSUNG Mobile USB...[COM12]...Detected
    Reading data from phone......OK
    Checking Security result: OK
    Waiting for Device...OK
    Loading Samsung Unlock Tools.....OK
    Start Unlocking Samsung.....OK!
    Unlock Success!

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    WAQAS-GONDAL Moderator

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  5. bhaitelecom

    bhaitelecom New Member

    how many credit for unlock
    1. linhphi
      only 2 crd ~ 2$ bro
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  6. PakLink

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    Thanks for report.

    Sure world cheapest unlocking service is KingTools.
  7. lococheco

    lococheco New Member

    someone knows if it supports G965U T-mobile Bit 4
    1. battillo
      Yes it works just make sure to use bit 4 combo modem
  8. Oguns

    Oguns New Member

    i downloaded d tools is asking for password
  9. Oguns

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