GUIDE Samsung J727T U3 unlock Done by King Tools

GUIDE Samsung J727T U3 unlock Done by King Tools

linhphi Dec 2, 2018 6
  1. linhphi

    linhphi Administrator

    How to J7 Prime J727T-J727T1 Network lock Sim U3 No Need Credit, No Need Box, No Need MSL Code. Free with KingTool 1.3
    1. Read Cert
    2. Install Combination
    3. Click Unlock Exynos
    4. Check if IMEI 000000 > Wirte Cert With KingTools
    5. Done !

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  2. RubyPhones

    RubyPhones New Member

    Have to need root for read cert. ENG Root can eg.
  3. battillo

    battillo New Member

    What do you use to read cert i only know z3x read cert diag do you have another way no box?
  4. josephr

    josephr New Member

    u need read cert via diag mode if u cant read cert put modem from combination and read cert again via diag mode
    1. battillo
      What tool are you using to read cert tho? Also j327t1 binary 2 doesnt work on z3x after flashing modem from combo read cert fails. It would be very useful if king tools made back up of cert for us.
  5. josephr

    josephr New Member

    i done this way...
    read cert
    flash combination
    reset msl
    write cert
    flash stock
  6. Olman Flores

    Olman Flores New Member

    Olman Flores
    Hola soy nuevo utilizando Kin Tools, donde puedo encontrar las combinaciones que necesito, ocupo la combinacion del J727T?
  7. Mhoq

    Mhoq New Member

    any solution for J737T/T1 ?