Need to read cert file

humdrum Dec 6, 2018 4
  1. humdrum

    humdrum New Member

    Which function reads the cert file
    Samsung phone I'm not sure
    Sm-737tl j7 sky pro

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  2. Josue

    Josue New Member

    [QUOTE = "humdrum, post: 256, member: 30"] Qué función lee el archivo cert
    Teléfono Samsung no estoy seguro
    Sm-737tl j7 sky pro [/ QUOTE]

    You can read cert with z3x or chimera
  3. Ravuthupdate

    Ravuthupdate New Member

    Bro Pls add more to read cert with kingtool.
  4. humdrum

    humdrum New Member

    What everyone is saying is the tool advertises it can read cert files but it doesn't,now we are being told to buy another tool to read cert files.
    That is not what the homepage says,i will gladly pay more money to read cert files.
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  5. abdul haqq

    abdul haqq New Member

    abdul haqq
    100% agreed, This is suppose to be a standalone tool why isit you need z3x or chimera to do a backup of cert. Implementing a read cert/write cert feature is very much required for those who do not hae access to such hardware or are carrying out remote unlocking as usb sharing is blocked on majority of unlocking softwares/hardwares such as z3x/chimera. Looking forward to this feature being added to the tool very soon.