Help Need combination N935K bit 4

2111002640 Nov 30, 2018 4
  1. 2111002640

    2111002640 New Member

    Need combination N935K bit 4, anyone have, please share it

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  2. linhphi

    linhphi Administrator

    Please wait upload combination N935K bit 4
  3. TramMinhHuy

    TramMinhHuy Moderator

  4. 2111002640

    2111002640 New Member

    o_Oo_Oo_O my fone is bit 4, so how can i use wwith bit 3??? You can flash it?

    And combination in vnrom, dont have sboot, modem..... And more, it useless
    1. linhphi
      It.s not free. I buying it. Please wait
  5. nc9999

    nc9999 New Member