GUIDE Micloud removal solution Xiaomi redmi Note 5 | Note 5 Pro

GUIDE Micloud removal solution Xiaomi redmi Note 5 | Note 5 Pro

TramMinhHuy Dec 4, 2018 7
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    Micloud reportedly lost on Xiaomi redmi Note 5 | Note 5 Pro, even when reloading the ROM can not be turned off, it is a difficult problem.Today I will guide you to solve this problem.
    The first thing to do is to unplug it and find the testpoint, then go to the Xiaomi home page to download ROM stock and unpack it.

    Then copy the file EMMC_appsboot.mbn to the "images" folder of rom then flash ROM with clear all. After the flash finish, please turn on the wifi, try to enable USB DEBUG. Next, connect your phone to your computer> Turn on the King Tool and select Remove Micloud (ADB). Then enjoy the results. Good luck.


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    Very good. I will try . Thank
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    This can be applied to other machines
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