g930p unlock bit 7

gia sakhvadze Nov 30, 2018 5
  1. gia sakhvadze

    gia sakhvadze New Member

    for unlock this phone must write combination firmware or kingtool can unlock on stock?

    im new in kingtool

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  2. gia sakhvadze

    gia sakhvadze New Member

    gia sakhvadze
    Loading ADB module......OK
    Reading ADB device information......OK
    Model Name: SM-G930V
    Device CodeName: HEROQLTEVZW
    Hardware: QCOM
    BL version: FA60_G930PVPU7ARI1
    AP version: FA60_G930PVPU7ARI1
    CP version: G930PVPU4AQI1
    CSC version:
    Android version: 6.0.1
    Build date: MON SEP 10 11:09:41 KST 2018
    Sales code:
    Serial Number: 00000000000
    Debug Level: 0x494d
    CP Debug Level: 0x5500
    Warranty VOID: 0
    SIM operator:
    USB Settings: MTP,ADB
    Setting DEBUG mode......OK
    Waiting for reboot.....OK
    Setting DEBUG level to HIGH......OK
    Waiting for reboot.....OK
    Starting RIL applet in Phone...
    1. linhphi
      Please try Unlock on other PC Win64bit
  3. bacho

    bacho New Member

    first write only modem from combination (untick all other firmware parts in z3x) file and try
  4. gia sakhvadze

    gia sakhvadze New Member

    gia sakhvadze
    my pc is 64 bit

    i try to write only modem from combination

  5. jorge21

    jorge21 New Member

    with the s7 is always giving that problem but the s8 and note 8 does it without problems
  6. linhphi

    linhphi Administrator

    Update KingTools 1.3 fixed all problems